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        Welcome to the page of the NEVALIYA*PL cattery

          In 2004 we bought our very first kitty Neva Masquerade. Liya arrived at us from Belarussia. Neva in Poland was very rare race. At once we fell in love with this variation of the Siberian cat. Unfortunately in 2008 she moved herself to the feline heaven. We decided then, that our next kitty will be Neva also. So showed up at our home Bosi. We decided thanks to her on assuming the cattery of Neva Masquerade cats and we named it in honour of our first cat - NEVALIYA.
         14th september 2009 came to us our new kitty - Havana from Perełka*PL cattery. Havana is also neva masquerade cat, she is blue-point colour. She is very nice and charming lady!


KOTY RASOWE - RANKiNG w domenie DEVON REX - devon.pl

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